Imagine Imagine

Pleasure to meet you


An entirely self-taught
Danish Post-Surrealist and
abstract artist.
Taegan’s art is strikingly
free of dogma and genre in
its exploration of the relationship
between the conceptual and perceptual.
His paintings combine the contrasts of
refreshing child-like candid curiosity
with masterful autodidactic technical detailing.
Drawing inspiration from synaesthesia
and the plasticity of reality,
his works are driven by the concept of
transformation and the empowerment
of the viewer for the
completion of each piece through
one’s own subjectivity
– a participatory “fill in the blank” that
derives from a well-observed understanding
and deconstruction of the normative.
Taegan is a founding resident artist of
the Imagine Imagine Foundation
art programme in the Netherlands,
and will be exhibiting at the
forthcoming 2019 Singapore Art Week
as well as undertaking an
autumn 2018 visiting art residency
at the 798 Art District in Beijing, China.

DO you want to know more about Tagean and his art? Visit his website here!